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LB Life Coaching Goal Restart Contest

March 14th, 2011

The Contest Has Ended!

It’s Super Easy… All You Have To Do Is Sign Up & Spread Your Giveaway Link Online!

Prizes Will Be Awarding EVERY 3-4 DaysFrom March 14, 2011 – March 27, 2011.

The contest will end on Sunday night at midnight US Eastern time (GMT -5).

To Claim Your Prizes: You must watch your email & claim your prize the day it’s announced. So check your Spam folder & make sure you’re expecting email from Natalie!

The Prizes…

There are 3 prizes that will be given away:

    How To Win…

    Once you’ve signed up you’ll get a chance to automatically join on Facebook & Twitter. Just authorize the contest app & begin spreading the word online with your very own contest link. You’ll earn points when you put your contest link ANYWHERE online & get people to click & visit!

    We’ll automatically give you bonus points for a wide variety of actions! For example: when you post videos on YouTube with your contest link in the video description or you mention the contest on Twitter. You’ll earn points in MANY different ways & here’s the complete list…