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Are You Ready For A Change?

How to Transition Into A New Career or A Mid-Life Adventure with Confidence, Clarity and Complete Peace of Mind

Is there something inside of you that’s asking for more… something new or different… but you’re not sure WHAT that something might be?

Do you want to make a change in your work or career, but you’re not sure how to do that without compromising the security of your family or taking a big financial risk?

Do you sometimes feel that something’s missing, that something’s not quite right… even if everyone else thinks you’ve got it made?

When you feel that inner call to make a change, to do something different or expand your life experience, it can be unnerving, unsettling, even disturbing… especially if your life is pretty settled and secure.

But whatever is calling you forward, whatever you are thinking or feeling right now, you need to know that you can create your ideal life… without feeling overwhelmed, confused, conflicted or crazy!


Let me help you:

  • Get clear on what you want and where you’re going, so you can make a smooth, stress-free transition.
  • Identify and leave behind any limiting beliefs that may prevent you from moving forward.
  • Create a practical action plan with realistic, do-able goals so you always have a dependable roadmap to lead the way.
  • Be completely confident as you take action and know you have what it takes to make your dreams a reality.
  • Experience the satisfaction, inspiration and personal power of living the life you only imagined was possible.

My name is Natalie… and for over 10 years I’ve been helping business professionals all over the world make positive, major life changes — in both their careers and their personal lives — with confidence, clarity and complete peace of mind.

I can help you, too.

Both my professional training and my personal life experience have given me the skills, international perspective and understanding to fully support people like you who are contemplating a major life transition.

As your coach, I will make sure that you have the support, wisdom, insight and practical tools you need to be certain of your choices, feel confident in your decisions, know where you are headed and take the right action to get there.

There is nothing stopping you. Not anymore.

Right now, you can make the first step towards living your ideal life… a life that brings you great satisfaction, inner peace and endless rewards.

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What people say

Natalie is a professional, caring and competent coach. She has a highly developed ability to understand the other person's map of the world. She is focused on achieving the goal of the session, while showing a great respect for the client yet keeping him responsible at the same time!

Lesvalene Ngion
Executive Consultant, Elle Consulting International, Singapor

Natalie supported me through a professional and personal turning point. Her insightful and empathic style accessed, and reflected, my conscience and inner desires to perfection. She consistently fine-tuned my ramblings to quickly reach the heart of the matter and gently, yet firmly, stayed by my side as I reached the decisions I would long to make but, until that point, had dared not to consider. I have a whole new landscape of opportunities in front of me now thanks to my coaching sessions with Natalie.

Helen Cresswell
Partner, Talent Solutions, UK

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Personal Coaching

Coaching Packages

Coaching is an opportunity to explore your biggest dreams, express your greatest desire and verbalize your most creative thoughts. With the support and encouragement of me as your coach, re-shaping your life, overcoming all the obstacles and living the life that you love will be an exciting and uplifting experience.

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Coaching Courses

Basic Coaching Skills

Basic Coaching Skills

This course will guide you through the basics of the life coaching profession in a simple, yet structured and interactive way. If you would like to incorporate those learning in your daily life and improve your current life situation, go ahead. You will find plenty here to learn about yourself and how to make steps towards the life you desire.

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Advanced Coaching Skills

Advanced Coaching Skills

You are already a proficient life coach.
This is your next step to becoming great. So I put together this exclusive Advanced Coaching Course, just for practicing life coaches or professional who have been using their basing coaching skills.

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35 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence

35 Ways to Building Your Self-Confidence

The base for this book was my own journey towards better self-confidence as well as the experience I had with helping my clients over the years.

It might sound surprising but 95% of my clients suffered from low self-confidence just like you. This book outlines the steps that we took to help them recover their confidence and grab control of their lives.

These steps are now available to you. When you work through the lessons in my book, you will have the tools to unleash the confident person currently hidden under layers of self-examination and worry.

Successful people are confident. In fact, it may be the one quality that all successful people share.


When you have self-confidence you can take setbacks in stride and keep moving towards success.

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10 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Motivation High

10 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Motivation High

Start with my e-book, 10 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Motivation High. This will help to you take control of your life. It is a very readable book and will give you tips to start changing right away. Read more information about this e-book and order.

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Change is at Your Fingertips

Change is at your fingertips

Have you ever noticed those people who seem to be getting
ahead in life? People who, no matter the circumstances, keep moving forward, often with a big smile on their face? What do they know that you don't?

Find out using my great step-by-step e-course Change is at Your Fingertips. I designed it for those of you who want a change in your life and are serious about it. It is for those of you who are ready to finally let go of fruitless complaining, blaming others and the things you can’t control.

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